Science fiction.

My love of Sci Fi began oh so many years ago, in a galaxy far, far away and then took a trip around the universe with Douglas Adams. I loved his mastery of both humour and Science. As I grew, I tip-toed through Azimov and Harrison. Aged thirteen my English teacher told, patronisingly, that I shouldn’t be reading Dune, by Herbert, because I was too young to understand. I’m glad sometimes that I am a teeny bit stubborn. I loved Dune and smugly told her so. The film was crap, unfortunately.

There are thousands of great Sci Fi writers around now, too many to mention. I hope you like my paltry attempts…

I Can’t remember. by C.p.Singleton (c) 2010 http://wp.me/p27egX-B

Initially came up with this idea, lying on the cool grass of Hyde Park, Leeds, after the police and bomb squad had evacuated two thousand of us into the park. I wondered what this crowd of stoners would do if a UFO landed on top of them. This is what I came up with…

Two’s Company. By C.p.Singleton (c) 2012 http://wp.me/p27egX-1

This was based on an idea i developed three years ago, after scientists claimed to have found another Earth. I was invited to write for the Post Apocolyptic Book Club 2000 word competition and wrote this in one night.


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