Poetry books I have Published on Kindle.



A is for Ants.

A is for The Aberswift.

B is for Batman.

B is for Bernie & Alice Live in Hope.

C is for Cats Blink; Cats Stare.

C is for Care loses faith.

D is for Danger is My Middle Name.

D is for Dennis Dimple’s Great Ideas.

D is for Drifting.

E is for Eggs & Bacon.

E is for Easter Rabbit on a Cross?!

F is for The Fox.

F is for: It’s Friday.

G is for A Ghost’s Lesson.

G is for The Grapes of Wrath?

H is for Hands.

H is For Hot Chocolate.

I is for I’m Not Quite Right.

I is for I’m on the Outside.

J is for James. G. Peaks.

J is for Jubilee the Clown Dreams of Being a Pilot.

K is for The Lost K.

K is for Kathmandon’t.

L is for The Lonely Man & the Silver Birch.

L is for Life.

M is for Marsupial Wonders.

M is for Missile Training: Happy Days!

N is for Ministry of Nonsense.

O is for Oh No!

O is for Outer Body Experience.

P is for Plastic Lady.

P is for Problem Solving.

Q is for The Queen.

Q is for A Quarter Past Death.

R is for Reluctantly Proffered.

R is for The Rain in Kent.

S is for Speaking in Tongues.

S is for Smashed.

S is For Strip Your Grey Soul Bare.

T is for Thinking.

U is for Uncle Nobby.

U is for Under Starter’s Orders…

V is for Vegetables Have Feelings Too.

V is for Vernon Hedgehog.

W is for Which do you like?

W is for What Woodn’t Be?

X is for X.

X is for The Xenophobe.

Y is for You a Fan or Fool?

Z is for Ze Amydot90 poem.

Zabaglione’s Last Stand.

Z is for  Zedzzzzzzz (or The nightshift ends)

5.0 out of 5 stars Life Before World’s End 16 Jun 2013
By WilderSoul –

What isn’t in this book?

Well, I can tell you a little of what is!

Stories intermixed with a haiku here or there, a tonne of fun FridayFacts, nonsense poetry, a bit of Skat music! Short autobiographical pieces, stand-up comedy you can read sitting down, some excellent accents, aliens, twitterings, the occasional quirky facebook status update, rhymes and Elton John song parodies, well at least one!

There is so much packed in here, it has taken more than one session to read it. Although this is a more serious book than Space Here, and intended for a more mature audience, it is still funny throughout, and I will be reading it over again.

One of my favourites in the book is The Never Ending Well, about being capable of giving love.
For Kurt and To All touches my heart as a parent.
And I liked very much the advice that kicks off the book at the very start: You are who you are, not what others want you to be.

I highly recommend digging into Life Before World’s End. 🙂

Table of Contents:

You are who you are, not what others want you to be.
Original Thought
Something Soft For Tea.
The Circle.
Two Fishes; One Cat
One Cat; Two Fishes
A Cursed Life.
Their Ignorance a Castle Strong.
Life means…
The Room at Fell House.
The dark day.
Sunshine, Oh, Sunshine.
My mudded mind’s mole.
My eyes are seeing you
Mrs. Norris’ Boy.
Mirror, Mirror…
I Swear…
I am Present.
God’s Own Treat?
Giles’ Joy.
For Kurt and to all.
A Poem With No Title.
A word to the ignoramus…
Distance Is A Measurement Of Pain.
Show the Whole World That You’re Me
Slumber Puncture.
Sweet Dreams, My Li’l Petal.
The Lonely Sausage.
Autumn Blue
A Leeds Fan’s Burden.
Better Than He Could Have Dreamed About.
Junction 39-36.
The Jacket.
The machine will die.
This Quiet Giant.
Work is a Drag.
The Never Ending Well.
Shap: Morning and Night.
T.V’s On The Wall.
The Garment of Choice.
When Crow’s Feet Grow Legs.
A Eulogy For Tom: A Beautiful Man
Stop, Don’t Think!
Do Sheep Count Men to Sleep?
As the saying goes…
Ode To Coke.
Haiku Inspired by True Strength
Goodbye Bramley; Never forgotten.
My Limerick about the Limerick.
Juxtaposition (Haiku)
The Greener Grass Will Kill You!
Parody of Your Song called Eat Everything
Just Another Motionless Monday
Through the blurred eyes of Apnea
The Northern Blizzard
Christmas is Going…
A girl in an overpriced store (Limerick)
The Anarchist
Psychic Failure V Lakes Glory!
Haiku to the Mole-Catcher
On a Brighter Note!
August’s #FridayFacts
The Do’s and Don’ts of Reading Your Work in Public
Firmly Closed (Haiku)
The Rise Of The Robot Monkey Army
Haiku a day keeps the Shrink away!
Shap’s Uncertain Sky (Haiku)
Grey Day. (Haiku)
Capital Punishment? And RIP Winnie Johnson
Shap bathed in Spring beauty. (Haiku)
My Problem With Skat?
Nothing in Life is Free, Except the Performer
Inspiration (Haiku)
Trench-Foot is a way of life in Cumbria and Issues with the North/South Divide.
April Rain Limbers Up. (Haiku)
A way to cheer myself up!
I have twelve hours left before the end of the world…
Did The Little Green Folk Land?
Dry Throat and Red-Eyed (Haiku)


5.0 out of 5 stars Escapism at its best! 11 Mar 2012
By Spike E. Edjog
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified PurchaseNeed a break from the stresses of the nine-to-five? Escape into the wonderfully unique world of Carrot-Phwack!
Probably the strangest, looniest collection I’ve seen, but Mr Singleton certainly isn’t one for worrying about sticking to the norm.
Not overly long either. Just enough to keep your attention.
Buy it now. I challenge you not to giggle.

5.0 out of 5 stars I Love this Nonsense! 16 Jun 2013
By WilderSoul – Published on Amazon.com
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Carrot-Phwack says it all. This book is Nonsense! And that’s why I love it. Night on Still Island is stuck in my mind with its rhythm and rhymes, and the Misunderstood Fly is hilarious and yet has a touch of humanity.
I can imagine reading this book over and over to youngsters. (Mine have unfortunately grown, so I share these poems with my mother! We have a great many laughs!)

Reminiscent of Pam Ayres whose poetry I love (Pam Ayres: The Works: The Classic Collection), Spike Milligan’s humour such as in Bad Jelly the Witch (Badjelly the Witch, or on audio: Bad Jelly The Witch), and Father Fox’s Pennyrhymes by Clyde Watson. (I still have my copy from when I was about 6 years old, and can recite them by heart.) Space Here by Carrot-Phwack Singleton is also one to read over and over again. Carrot-Phwack is one of my very favourite writers.

I’ve read this one: Space Here by Carrot-phwack Singleton
And this one: Life Before World’s End which I will review next, by C.p. Singleton
And have just got a copy of this one to read next: The Treacle Rush, by C.p. Singleton

Carrot P- that is, CpSingleton, is an author who is going places. A man of wide-ranging genres, and an engaging writing style, with plenty of heart. Thoroughly recommend!

Table of Contents:

Hey Diddle Dum. http://wp.me/p27egX-Xe
Doggy Dreams. http://wp.me/p27egX-Xh
Mary Had a Cuttlefish. http://wp.me/p27egX-Xk
A Night on Still Island. http://wp.me/p27egX-B8
Sabowen Was a Lonely Crab.
The Piggies are Waiting.
There’s a Monster in My Bathroom.
No. 87.
The Misunderstood Fly.
Ching Po and the Lucky Lettuce. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTksR8DbM-4
Ethel was a Lady True.
Filthy, Clever Boy.
Alice Through The Crooked Glass.
Little Donkey.
Mad, Miss McConagill.
My Eyes Are The Sweet-Shop of My Soul.
Oh, Dearest Salamander.
My Eyes Are Dim.
Constantly in Rhyme.


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  1. “B is for Batman…..O is for Oh No……X is for X”
    Liked these 3 the best

    Posted by LIKHते LIKHते | August 21, 2015, 3:45 pm

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