Merlin Awakes! By C.p. Singleton (c) 2013

As a writer, with a compulsion to scratch symbols into words that reflect images, I need new challenges. Each challenge sharpens a different writing tool.
I feel, and I’m not saying it’s necessarily correct, that if I stick to a single medium of writing, as I seem to be doing of late, then I won’t grow.
Don’t get me wrong I love poetry, however, I need to stop rattling out three or four poems a day and focus on other ways of expression.
To that aim I am going to start a story that tickled my brain last night and see where it meanders. I may leave a chapter, a line, or even one word. Who knows.
Any suggestions or comments are more than welcome.
Don’t get me wrong, I will probably still throw the odd poem your way, but for now…

Merlin Awakes! By C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-X1

Merlin Awakes! (part two) http://wp.me/p27egX-X4

Merlin Awakes! (part three) http://wp.me/p27egX-Xz

Merlin Awakes! (Part Four) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-XI

Merlin Awakes! (Part Five) http://wp.me/p27egX-XK

Merlin Awakes! (Part Six) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-XU

Merlin Awakes! (Part Seven) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-Y7

Merlin Awakes! (Part Eight) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-Yc

Merlin Awakes! (Part Nine) http://wp.me/p27egX-Yk

Merlin Awakes! (Part Ten) http://wp.me/p27egX-Yq

Merlin Awakes! (Part Eleven) http://wp.me/p27egX-Yw

Merlin Awakes! (Part Twelve) http://wp.me/p27egX-YA

Merlin Awakes! (Part Thirteen) http://wp.me/p27egX-YH

Merlin Awakes! (Part Fourteen) http://wp.me/p27egX-YN

Merlin Awakes! (Part fifteen) http://wp.me/p27egX-YX

Merlin Awakes! (Part Sixteen) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-Zp

Merlin Awakes! (Part Seventeen) http://wp.me/p27egX-Zy

Merlin Awakes! (Part Eighteen) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-ZJ

Merlin Awakes! (Part Nineteen) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-19l

Merlin Awakes! (Part Twenty) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-19r

Merlin Awakes! (Part Twenty-one) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-19E

Merlin Awakes! (Part Twenty-two) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-19L

Merlin Awakes! (Part Twenty-three) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-19Q

Merlin Awakes! (Part Twenty-four) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-19Y

Merlin Awakes! (Part Twenty-five) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1at

Merlin Awakes! (Part Twenty-six) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1ay

Merlin Awakes! (Part Twenty-seven) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1aR

Merlin Awakes! (Part Twenty-eight) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1aT

Merlin Awakes! (Part Twenty-nine) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1aV

Merlin Awakes! (Part Thirty) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1bc

Merlin Awakes! (Part Thirty-one) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1bj

Merlin Awakes! (Part Thirty-two) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1bF

Merlin Awakes! (Part Thirty-three) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1bK

Merlin Awakes! (Part Thirty-four) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1c6

Merlin Awakes! (Part Thirty-five) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1ci

Merlin Awakes! (Part Thirty-six) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1cB

Merlin Awakes! (Part Thirty-seven) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1cM

Merlin Awakes! (Part Thirty-eight) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1cT

Merlin Awakes! (Part Thirty-nine) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1dj

Merlin Awakes! (Part Forty) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1dz

Merlin Awakes! (Part Forty-one) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1dT

Merlin Awakes! (Part Forty-two) by C.p. Singleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1e3

 Merlin Awakes! (Part 43)  by CpSingleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1eg

Merlin Awakes! (Part 44) by CpSingleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1fY

Merlin Awakes! (Part 45) by CpSingleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1g2

Merlin Awakes! (Part 46) by CpSingleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1gf

Merlin Awakes! (Part 47) by CpSingleton (c) 2013 http://wp.me/p27egX-1gH


6 thoughts on “Merlin Awakes! By C.p. Singleton (c) 2013

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Merlin Awakes! Really brilliant writing on that mighty wizard, myths, history, ancient times, modern politics, the natural world… (!) I have two questions. 1. I’m curious; all the women seem to be either the darkest malice force in the world, lost to love or scrawny and fainting/running away when they see magic. I don’t know if it is possible to give an answer to this, there might not be one…I’m just puzzled. 2. a very serious question: where do I find part 21 and so forth, I’m will love to continue the reading… 🙂

    Posted by Hanne T. Fisker | January 17, 2014, 11:43 pm
    • Fanks, that’s very kind of you to say. I’m very pleased that you are enjoying it.
      Good questions. 1) There are other female characters that explore other attributes coming up.
      2) I haven’t been updating it very well have !? Sorry about that!
      I have written nearly fifty parts and I will update them right now. Sorry!
      Many thanks for popping around. Take care and have a fruitful 2014!

      Posted by cpsingleton42 | January 18, 2014, 4:23 pm
  2. Hi I just want to inform you that I have nominated you for a one lovely blog award. Here is the details


    Posted by TheDarkestRaven | October 21, 2014, 1:22 am

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