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A time with a star.


My Passing. C A Middleton 2021 Through blackened vision like coal capped contact lenses, the world reflects no sunshine. Trees, once majestic and yawning, green with life’s kindness, wither and wilt dead leaves. They hang like rotten banana skins, dripping liquor of the foulest scent on to black grass, crying in pain. I stumble from … Continue reading

Quiet and Chaos. By C A Middleton 2021 There’s a voice on the waves. She sails across time with a gentle to do and other phrases not mine. – She wants to take my hand. To lead me down leafy avenues. To bandstands with bassoons  where we’ll dance in soft shoes. – At three, we’ll … Continue reading

From a painting words come…

Morning Swim? By C A Middleton 2021 In his cotton gown, Wheezy Richardson lay back. His spine ached these days. Though, it was more out of the lack of burden than the weight of it. He frowned. Above the sirens and groans of passing engines, he sensed something missing. A heavy absence of birdsong. “It’s like spring … Continue reading

Trixie’s Facts

“Poppa, do you know if you keep a goldfish in a dark room it turns white?” Trixie asked me. And do you know? I didn’t know that fact. She knows some odd things.

Heaven on Earth

Happy Day, Gaia!

A little moral humour?

The Tragedy of a Greek Mother.By C A Middleton 2021 My dearest Achilles,I write to you with most haste.I fear if you carry on so dangerouslyyour dip in the Styx will be a waste. Pray, remember the prophecytold to me before your birth.You risk a violent death, my dear.Have a little more self worth. I … Continue reading

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