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No. 3915

You. (part 2) By C A Middleton © 2018 I have crashed so many times Through walls and Off high mountains. My aircraft has Ditched into many seas. Each salty wave filled my lung; Every swell dragged me To darker depths. Yet, while chaos melded New molecules with The screams of dying cells, And as … Continue reading

No. 3914

Limbic Limbo! By C A Middleton © 2018 Ah, the bitter taste of imaginary defeats Jammed inside The limbic system Like a DVD. Who is the presser of Play? I am! I wait until my eyes are flicking Left and right; When REM Flicks up a thumb, Out comes my Lonnnnnnnng index finger and WHACK … Continue reading

No. 3920

Just Hush. By C A Middleton @ 2018 Can you hear me? Can I hear myself? I’m cocooned In this floating moment Without the need for breath. A little spot where The fluttering molecules of Dust meld into The skin they once fell from To form phantasms who Sit and smile across at me. No … Continue reading

No. 3912

Advice From Some Old Dude In My Mind. By C A Middleton © 2018 I’ve just seen the inside Of my mind. There’s an old guy With a grin Sitting at a well-used desk. Amidst the clutter, and Scones with butter, is A book with his name on. Oh, look, There’s another. He shrugs and … Continue reading

No. 3911

Refill? By C A Middleton ©2018 The empty glass slides across The pitted table. All voices drop In anticipation. The clouds break their chase and Stare down. The west wind ceases its game to follow suite. Even the guns across the world Jam; their triggers freeze and Blood waits behind soft skin. Trolls leave their … Continue reading

No. 3910

Tales. By C A Middleton © 2018 You may say your were a Moses; Each child a straightened rod. That you parted rushing water In the name of your own God. But Don’t tell me such tales With your eyes in mine. You may think you were the saviour Pinned yourself to your own wood … Continue reading

No. 3909

Beauty in Death. By C A Middleton © 2018 Some people are strange. They dress their rooms in dead organisms, and feel nothing but joy in such a hobby, never imagining the pain they inflict. How far we have come? Why not also hang the skulls Of grimacing animals Alongside the family snapshots? Oh, right, … Continue reading

No. 3907

The Difference Tween Man & Woman. By C A Middleton © 2018 I despise the sound of The Ice-Cream man’s van! It’s faux-Italiano yell makes My grey cells bubble. I want to chase him down And shake the flakes Out of his dainty serving hatch; Smash the cones to wafer confetti; And spray softee Until … Continue reading

No. 3906

Hornyphology. By C A Middleton © 2018 I watched a couple today. No, not in a seedy way! They happened to walk by Hand in hand, but Mine eyes did not understand. He punched way above his head I think I may have even said Such words to that extent. That is how my mind … Continue reading

No. 3905

Wonder Why. By C A Middleton © 2018 The mirror to his psyche smashed. The curtain’s torn; his temple trashed. He sees no way of shaking The wart-ridden effigy of self. His mountain’s crumbled into dust. The frame of fortune turned to rust. The signs are pointing further From any personal wealth. The time has … Continue reading

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